August 11 - 14, 2024

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Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Regina

St. Philomena Walking Pilgrimage

What is a Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage is going somewhere special to one's faith. Once on a pilgrimage, the pilgrim will have time to pray, to leave behind the everyday concerns from back home and to spend time in the presence of God. The pilgrim may be looking for peace or healing and this is a good time to do it. In these ways one can become closer to God.

A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to which the pilgrim joyfully responds "yes" to God's invitation. It is not a vacation; it is a transformational journey, during which significant changes take place. Every step of the way has meaning.


August 11 - 14, 2024

              *****Please note that our schedule is subject to minor changes*****

Day 1 - St. Mary's Parish, Yorkton to the Springside Apostolic Bible Camp 24 km

Day 2 - Springside Apostolic Bible Camp to Burgis Beach Hall, 30 km

Day 3 - Burgis Beach to the village of Buchanan 27 km

Day 4 -  Buchanan to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Rama 21 km

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Day One          

Sunday August 11  2024     (app 24 km walking distance)

7:15 am   Rides provided from St Anthony's Church in Rama for Yorkton

8: 30 am  We begin to meet in the parking lot north of Saint Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church

9:00 am  Divine Liturgy at St Mary's Church in Yorkton with the parish (155 Catherine St)

9: 50 am Morning prayer

10:00 am  Breakfast and pilgrimage registration (Breakfast provided by St Mary's parish)

10:50 am Group pictures

11:00 am We start walking!             (Distance to 1st Rest Stop app 5 km)

12:00 pm  Rest stop at SW 35-26-5 W2  (Property of  Phyllis Stroud)

                        (Distance to 2nd Rest Stop 5 km)

12:45 pm  We enter the RM of Orkney

1:30 pm  Lunch stop at Orkney (Lunch not provided)

                        (Distance to 3rd Rest Stop 7.5 km)

3:30 pm  Rest stop at SE 3-27-5 W2 (Property of Dwight and Jackie Guy)

                       (Distance to the Bible Camp 6.5 km)

5:30 pm  Arrival at the Springside Apostolic Bible Camp, set up camp

6:30 pm  Supper provided by Knights of Columbus, St Gerard Parish

7:30 pm  Presentation

8:00 pm Evening prayer and campfire fellowship                          

Day Two 

Monday August 12  2024

        (app 30 km walking distance)

6:15 am  Morning prayer

6:30 am  Breakfast provided by Knights of Columbus, Saint Gerard Parish

7:30 am  We start walking!  (Distance to 1st Rest Stop 5.5 km)

8:25 am We enter the RM of Good Lake

8:30 am  Rest stop  SW 3-28-5   

                    (Distance to 2nd Rest Stop 4.5 km) 

9:50 am Rest stop at NE 16-28-5 (Property of Glenn Falkowski)

                   (Distance to Whitesand Church 3.6 km)

10:45 am  Arrival at the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Whitesand Church

11:00 am  Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy at the Whitesand Church

11:45 am  Lunch break (Lunch not provided)

                 ( Distance to Hwy 229 is 3.2 km) 

1:15 pm Arrival at Sask Hwy no. 229

*****One mile shuttle  is offered as this highway is narrow*****

1:30 pm Rest stop at Good Spirit Market (Distance to Water Control Structure app 3 km)

 2:15 pm  We enter Good Spirit Park.

2:30 pm We arrive at the Water Control Structure *****At this point we hope to provide two options for walking through the park - we may split into two groups*****

OPTION ONE          (app 7.5 km)

2:30   We leave the water control structure walking along the Trans Canada Walking Trail through the park

4:00 pm  Rest stop near Sandy Beach (Both groups meet at this stop)

OPTION TWO         (app 5.5 km)

2:30 pm  We leave the water control structure walking along the shore of Good Spirit Lake. This route will be shorter than walking along the Trans Canada Walking Trail, but there may be times when we need to walk in the water.

3: 45 pm Rest stop near Sandy Beach (We rejoin the other group at this stop)

                (Distance from final rest stop to Burgis Beach Hall 3.5 km)

5:30 pm  Arrival at Burgis Beach Hall, set up camp.

6:00 pm  Supper provided by Saint Henry's Parish, Melville

7:00  pm Evening prayer 

Day Three

Tuesday August 13  2024                  (app 26.5 km walking distance)

7:40 am Morning prayer

8:00 am Breakfast provided by Saint Henry's Church, Melville

9:00 am  We start walking!         

                        (Distance to 1st rest stop 5.5 km)

10:30 am Rest Stop between NE 10 30 5 W2 and SW 14 10 30 W2

                         (Distance to Canora Beach 3.6 km)

11:00 am  Lunch stop at Canora Beach (lunch not provided)

                         (Distance to 2nd Rest Stop 5.6 km)

12:30 pm  Rest Stop SW 30-30-5 (property of Max and Jae Zbitniff)

                         (Distance to 3rd Rest Stop 6.5 km)

1:00 pm  We enter the RM of Buchanan

2:00 pm  Rest stop SE 25-31-6 (property of Anderco Farm Ltd)

                        (Distance to Buchanan 5.3 km) 

4:00 pm  We arrive in Buchanan 

4:30 pm  Mass at St Anne's Church with Fr Andrew Sowa OMI

5:30 pm We set up camp at the Community Centre

6:00 pm  Supper inside the Community Centre (meal supplied)

7:00 pm Presentation and  sharing

8:30 pm  Evening prayer

Day Four

Wednesday August 14  2024               (app 21 km walking distance)

7:00 am  Morning prayer

7:30 am  Breakfast at the JC Café,  308 Central Avenue

8:30 am  We walk from JC Café to the No 5 highway  (Distance .5 km)

8:40 am to 9:10  We take a 2 km shuttle along Highway No 5

9:10 am We begin walking on a gravel road toward our first rest stop  

                   (Distance to 1st Rest Stop 8.2 km)   

10:20 am  We enter the RM of Invermay

11:00 am  Rest stop SE 3-32-7 (Property of Brian Kushneruk)

                    (Distance to 2nd Rest Stop 6.3 km)

12:45 pm Lunch stop SW 16-32-7 (Property of Amanda Keller)

                     (Distance to 3rd Rest Stop 5.1 km)

2:15 pm  Final rest stop NW 18-32-7 (Property of Roger & Elsie Genoway)

2:45 pm   We will make the final, short leg (.7 km) as a group, entering Rama via a gravel road from the south

3:00 pm Chaplet of Divine Mercy with other pilgrims

3:15 pm Stations of the Cross with other pilgrims

4:30 pm Supper at the Parish Hall  (the cost and registration of this supper is part of the pilgrimage package, you do not have to book or pay for it if you register with us)  

For more details about  events at Rama please check their website at

For the Rama pilgrimage schedule, go to

 Walk the Opeongo Line Pilgrimage

Much of the inspiration for the Saint Philomena Walking Pilgrimage was drawn from the Walk the Oeongo Line Pilgrimage in Ontario, so we could certainly call the Opeongo Pilgrimage the mother of our pilgimage. The Opeongo Pilgrimage covers about 70 km over three days in a scenic area west of Ottawa.  This pilgrimage takes place in late July of each year. You may wish to consider joining it if the timing of the Saint Philomena Pilgrimage does not work for you, or if you feel you would enjoy a change. More information is at